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If you are interested in getting a new look, maybe something fresh and trendy, our hair salon stylists stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest. Don’t make the mistake of listening to the friend who swears up and down she can do a good dye job. What you might save in money by having her do it, could wind you up with a complete hair disaster.

Snip Plus tries to create styles that work for our clients’ lifestyles. Whether you are an “on the go” mom, a professional, or a college student, we will find a style that works for you. Our hair salon stylists try to remember our customers likes, dislikes, and styles so we can get you in and out quickly if you are in a rush.

Our salon prides itself on offering high quality service and professional hair products at an affordable price. We are happy to give recommendations and we have many magazines and books you can look at to get ideas on what hair cut or style you might like. We value our customers’ business.

What makes Snip Plus different from their competitors is that we really bond with our customers. Most of our customers are repeat clients, so we get to know a little about their lives and we empathize with their frustrations about their hair. Some of our customers think of our salon as a place where they can get away and relax for awhile. You can be productive by getting a haircut, blow dry, and flip while sharing in conversation with your trusted stylist.

Call Snip Plus today and get set up with your appointment. We also offer body waxing services!

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